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What is the Bits and Mortar Program?

We love real, physical brick and mortar game and book stores and we want to see them survive and thrive as digital content options for traditional publishing becomes more prevalent. We bring the physical and digital worlds together so that you can support your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) while keeping up-to-date with your digital collection.

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Plenty of customers out there want the best of both worlds, physical and digital. We empower your store to match print-and-PDF bundle offers and keep the whole transaction in-house.

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Make your retail store sales a better value by offering digital copies free with the purchase of the corresponding physical book. You are not restricted by this program – you can still give away or sell ebooks however you like.

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Support your Friendly Local Gaming Store and get your PDF too. Learn more about publisher offers or how to get your local store involved.

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Publishers Who Support Bits and Mortar

Bits and Mortar is a growing alliance of 142 like-minded publishers focused on supporting brick and mortar game stores in our electronic age. Click on a publisher to see their digital offerings.

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
9th Level Games
All Rolled Up
Arc Dream
Ardens Ludure
Azure Keep
Bayt Al Azif
Black and Green Games
Black Armada
Black Wyrm
Brittannia Game Designs Ltd
Broken Ruler Games
Bully Pulpit Games
Burger Games
Buried Key
Buried Without Ceremony
Burning Games
Burning Wheel
Cellar Games
Cherry Picked Games
Chronicle City
Cobweb Games
Compose Dream Games
Contested Ground Studios
Creature Curation
Crooked Dice
Crowbar Creative
Crumbling Keep
Cubicle 7
Daniel Salcido
Dead Gentlemen
Density Media
Design Mechanism
Dias Ex Machina
Diceless Hero Games
Dig A Thousand Holes
Dog Eared Designs
Dread Unicorn Games
Dreamlord Games
Ediciones Con Barba
Elf Lair Games
Eloso Förlag
Ember + Ash
Encoded Designs
Engine Publishing
Evil Beagle Games
Evil Hat Productions
Exalted Funeral
F Douglas Wall Publishing
Flagbearer Games
Fool's Moon Entertainment, Inc
Free League
Frog God Games
Galileo Games
Gallant Knight Games
Genesis Of Legend Publishing
GRAMEL BOOKS sp. z o. o.
Greater Than Games
Green Fairy Games
Green Hat Designs
Grim and Perilous
Growling Door Games
Handiwork Games
Hedgemaze Press
Hero Games
High Rock Press
Imagining Games
Incarnadine Press
Interaction Point Games
Its Never Dark Enough
John Wick Presents
Jon Brazer Enterprises
Kotodama Heavy Industries
Lamentations Of The Flame Princess
Little Wish Productions
Lucian Kahn
Machine Age Productions
Magpie Games
Metal Weave Games
Mischief Inc
Modiphius Entertainment
Mongoose Publishing
Monkey Fun
Necrotic Gnome
NerdBurger Games
Nevermet Press
New Comet Games LLC
Nightfall Games
Obatron Productions
Open Ended Games
Palegain Press
Pantheon Press
Para Space
Parable Games LTD
Parenthesis Press
Peach Pants Press
Pelgrane Press
Polyhedra Games
Porcupine Publishing
Protagonist Industries
R. Talsorian Games
Random Alien Games
Robert Bohl Games
Rogue Games
Room 209 Gaming
Rowan, Rook, and Decard
Ryan Macklin
Samjoko Publishing
San Jenaro CoOp
Sand And Steam
Serpent Cyborg Games
Skull Dixon Designs
Sneak Attack Press
Snow Dragon Games
Sojourner Games
Spidermind Games
Story Brewers
Stygian Fox
Sweet Potato Press
Swords Edge Publishing
The Five Wits Press
Third Eye Games
Third Kingdom Games
Threadbare RPG
Tin Star Games
Two Scooters Press
UFO Press Ltd
Unicorn Motorcycle Games
Verge Games
Vigilance Press
Wet Ink Games
Whimsy Machine Media
World Champ Game Co
Wrong Brothers Gaming
Ziapelta Games

Bits and Mortar is fantastic. Working hand in hand with our publishing partners, we are better able than ever to actually share a customer base, rather than compete for it. I have had people specifically bring books up to the counter because they knew they would have a PDF waiting for them in their inbox when they got home. I don’t know why any store wouldn’t want to take part in the program.

Chris Hanrahan,

EndGame, Oakland Ca.

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